Heritage park and museum of apiculture

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The richly furnished museum allows visitors to gain and broaden their knowledge on the life of bees. The heritage park features a vast collection of beehives in the apiculture garden. These are: log beehives, skeps – beehives made out of straw, and figure beehives. The building houses a museum, where a varied collection of beekeeping themed items is represented in sections such as: numismatics, stamp collecting, breweriana, tobacconism, glass and porcelain, oil paintings, cross stitch embroidery, neckties, ex libris, old beekeeping equipment, phone cards, clocks, macrophotography, heraldry, stocks and bonds. Many exhibits are true rarities. Frequently the owners themselves give tours around the museum, telling very interesting stories about apiculture, bee products and the life of insects.

     Narewka is located in the Białowieża Forest area, where apiculture traditions reach the early years of bee keeping and every meeting, conversation and discussion contributes to the development of apiculture, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, consumption of unprocessed bee products with nutritious and medicinal properties. Guests visiting the complex are offered honey from our own apiary, with a unique taste and qualities – Fenomen Natury (Phenomenon of Nature) – a triple-processed honey with pollen, milk and propolis, flower pollen and other varietal honeys.

     Entry is free of charge.

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