Fitness and SPA hall

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In order to meet the requirements of customers in search of a good mood, we offer our visitors:

  • an electric treadmill
  • a stepper
  • a training bicycle
  •  an infrared dry sauna
  • a SPA capsule

The SPA capsule is a comprehensive device which offers biological renewal, weight loss and medicinal treatments.

Treatments in the SPA capsule:

  • Jacuzzi,
  • Wet sauna
  • aromatherapy
  • color therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Vichy massage
  • music therapy

The treatments have the following effects:

Detoxification – a combination of heat and steam is the best way to remove accumulated toxins.

Weight loss – during one session it is possible to burn up to 1000 calories. This improves the elasticity, structure and tone of the skin.

Water massage – alternating water temperature and pressure ensures exceptional firming under streams of water.

Balance – color therapy helps regain physical and psychological balance, effectively treats insomnia and fatigue.

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