The Dwor Bartnika in Narewka hotel is a comfortable recreational complex located in the very hart of the Bialowieza Forest. Guest rooms, a stylish restaurant, “Tzar’s Chamber”, fitness hall and Spa, as well ass the Museum of Apiculture are open all year round. We invite you to visit this amazing place, where a homely atmosphere will positively influence your wellbeing, health and beauty.

Dwor Bartnika in Narewka is located on a picturesque plot of land. In the area you will find plenty of vegetation, a restaurant terrace, waterfall, playground for children and an arbor.

The Dwor Bartnika in Narewka hotel features passenger car and motor coach parking. In consideration of the safety of our guests, the complex is monitored and closed off during the night.

The Dwor Bartnika in Narewka complex features:
•    an overnight accommodation section with 20 rooms for 53 guests,
•    the “Carska Komnata” (Tzar’s Chamber) restaurant with approx. 150 places,
•    spa and fitness hall,
•    Museum of Apiculture,
•    conference hall

If you are looking for a unique place to stay overnight in the Bialowieza Forest, close to the town of Bialowieza, which is also ideally suited for outdoor events with space for a grill and bonfire – select the offer of Dwor Bartnika in Narewka, where peace, quiet, the hum of the waterfall, the singing of birds and croaking of frogs, the museum of apiculture, fitness and SPA hall provide ideal conditions for rest and relaxation.

You are welcome to visit us.

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